Cheryl Poff

Certified Pilates Instructor

After growing up in Manitoba, and living in Alberta for some time, my husband's job relocated us to the  beautiful city of Kelowna in 2013.


I joined the NeuMovement Kelowna studio as a client in 2017.  After staying home to raise my son, I was looking for a postpartum exercise program that utilized safe movement, while achieving overall body conditioning .  I found Neu Pilates to be the perfect formula for doing just that, while also allowing for increased awareness and compassion for my own physical and mental health journey.


After completing almost 200 hours of personal practice, I knew I wanted to share the gifts that Pilates has to offer with those around me.  I completed the Neu Pilates teacher training for Mat and Anatomy, as well as Reformer equipment, and became a Certified Pilates Instructor. I currently work with NeuMovement clients privately or in conjunction with their NeuMovement physiotherapist's rehabilitation plan.


Breathe.  Alignment.  Body Control.  Centering. Pilates is for everyMind and everyBody.  Can't wait to hold space for you while you explore your journey.

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