Mel Steinback

Certified Pilates Instructor

Mel has also been actively involved in sports since a young age with years of competitive dance, Varsity Rowing at the University of Victoria, a long distance runner, and Ironman triathlete. Throughout all these years Mel had rehabilitated many injuries through multiple modalities. It was not until recovering from a car accident in 2016 that her life was changed by Pilates.

It is through Pilates and Neumovement that Mel is able to put the pieces together from her education as a Kinesiologist, experience as a fitness instructor and coach, and passion for teaching movement. Mel looks at the body as a whole system that needs to work together in order to be resilient, functional and allow us to live a full life. She provides clients with knowledge, tools and guidance to work through their movement journey. Whether they are rehabilitating an injury, looking to prevent an injury or just want to move in a fun and supportive environment.

Alignment. Breath. Connection. Inner strength.

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