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Mira Avery 

Classical Pilates Instructor

Strength, balance and freedom from chronic pain are benefits that Mira has experienced in her own Pilates practice, and which she aims to share with her clients. The seemingly small adjustments Mira provides are aimed at achieving big improvements in posture and mobility.


Through techniques learned from her nine years of Movement study and teaching experience, Mira is equipped to help any person address their physical goals, from high performing athletes to those recovering from injuries, surgeries, or years of neglect.


Mira believes that through understanding and harnessing your own natural movement potential you will both improve your current health and prevent future unnecessary wear. Mira is certified in mat and equipment-based Pilates, and has taught in studios and clinics since 2005.


Mira holds certifications from both Classical and Contemporary schools of Pilates; the Pilates Center, (2012); and STOTT Pilates of Toronto. (2006) Mira holds an Advisor position in association with The Pilates Center of Boulder, CO.

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