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Paula Trautman 

Certified Pilates Instructor

When Paula started Pilates in 2006, she hadn't realized that "exercise" and "low back pain" didn't have to go in the same sentence. Having danced competitively all her life, movement came very naturally to her. Movement with correct alignment, however, felt completely foreign.


She instantly became intrigued with how the body functions, and how proper alignment not only improved her dancing, but also began to alleviate her pain. After receiving her BCRPA, Paula went through to complete her STOTT Mat, Reformer, and Chair courses and started teaching in Vernon.


In March of 2011, she decided there was much more for her to learn, so she enrolled herself in a 950 hour Classical Teacher Training program in Vancouver. She spent 12 months studying and training under Matilda Christensen and has returned to the Okanagan a Classically Certified Instructor. She is very excited to share her "NEU" knowledge and much deeper understanding of Pilates!

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