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​Lara Yanik 

Certified Pilates Instructor


Lara started Pilates in 2003 when her Physician said to her that it was imperative that she start Pilates in order to improve her posture, thus taking the pain away from her muscular imbalances. Excited, she signed up for privates in a North Vancouver studio, it was love at first sight!


After completing many privates, she decided this was the environment and career for her. The results were amazing and she wanted to share that with everyone. She completed her BCRPA, 1st year apprenticeship, Stott Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrel and ISP certifications. Lara went on and continued learning from everyone she could.


She learnt various styles of Pilates from trainers all over North America, in Calgary, Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Victoria, Hawaii, and Kelowna. She is prolific in business, currently having started 5 businesses, and most importantly she loves to laugh! 

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