Our Mission

Hope. Heal. Breath. Love. Play.


NeuMovement is a wellness community inspired by integrating movement physiotherapy, pilates, massage and modalities to heal your body, mind and spirit.


By raising your frequency you will experience and move through life in a new way. Energize your soul. Find your movement!

The Beginning of the Journey


Like all things in life the start of the journey often looks quite different than we expect and often happens before we notice. This was the case with NeuMovement. This Journey started in 2004 when Lara Yanik, at 20 years old, decided to purchase a STOTT Pilates reformer and teach Pilates private sessions out of her Mom's house in Salmon Arm, BC.


Lara was inspirational to her clients as she had recently moved back from Vancouver where her doctor had recommended Pilates to rehab her back after an accident. This experience of using the Pilates training method to help people feel better quickly developed a busy clientel and she had to look for a bigger space!

Shuswap Core Pilates


Lara found the space she was looking for close to the waterfront in Salmon Arm on Ross street. After many hours of discussion and business plan preparation she got the keys to her first business, Shuswap Core Pilates. 4 Pilates Reformers, 4 Pilates Chairs, 8 Mats, a Computer, a stereo system and a Front desk followed shortly.  The company grew very quickly and she made a huge impact on many people’s lives in the community of Salmon Arm. It wasn’t long before she realized she needed to expand her company and build a strong team to support her and the vision.


Lara recruited and mentored a number of instructors. Some are still teaching at NEUmovement today. Some have gone on to start their own successful Pilates Studios from these early days. As the business grew and developed it became more and more work. Looking for some help Lara formed a business partnership with Kate Watson and together they continued to grow. They grew the business and continued to attract and train talented instructors to teach Pilates to the entire scope of the community: those that were injured, teachers, athletes, doctors, those that were trying to prevent injury, those that had tried all other avenues of healthcare, and everyone in between.


The community embraced them with open arms and this small team of Pilates instructors realized that they had the ability to impact the healthcare system in a big way. Lara and Kate created a booming business in Salmon Arm and it was just the beginning... 

The Pilates Connection


In 2009 Lara and Kate decided to open another studio in Vernon, BC and start The Pilates Connection. The community embraced them, and many lives were impacted in a positive way. It was Lara’s vision to bring Pilates on the map in the Okanagan and to help transform peoples lives.


While working to serve clients to her best capacity Lara started reaching out to a Physiotherapist named Jen Gulley in Vernon that she had some mutual clients with. This relationship grew and developed over time and they both began to realize how powerful of a combination Pilates and Physiotherapy could be together. An idea materialized, what if both modalities were located under the same roof?


Thanks to an openness to new ideas and new ways of doing things by both Lara and Jen, NEUmovement was created. 



In 2012, Lara changed the name of the company from The Pilates Connection to NEUmovement and invited Jen Gulley, Hayley Harkness, and Eric Vivian to join this incredible adventure. Two walls were built in the Vernon Pilates Studio making a Physiotherapy room and Jen jumped over to the new company.


At the same time, the company took over a small Pilates studio called sculpt Pilates in Kelowna on Yates Rd. Neu Movement was rolling! A few challenges came with the growth and change of having a Physiotherapy clinic in a Pilates studio but steady growth and progress was made integrating the two modalities together.


In 2014 Both Vernon and Kelowna locations expanded to their current homes, expanding to offer a drop-in room, multiple treatment rooms in both locations, and a full-service Pilates studio. Now both locations are busy and bustling as they continue to offer the best service possible!


Thanks for all the support from our clients and communities. You are the reason we are here and keep pushing ourselves to grow and develop as people and a company!