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Our Mission

Play. Heal. Breath. Move. Strong.


NeuMovement Pilates and Physiotherapy is a wellness community dedicated to help, heal, and inspire as many people as possible that we cross paths with. We commit to do this by integrating physiotherapy, pilates, massage and other movement modalities to holistically approach the body, mind and spirit of every individual who walks through our Physiotherapy Clinic doors.

By raising your frequency you will experience and move through life in a new way. Energize your soul. Find your movement!


3 Clinics

We have opened 3 Physiotherapy and Pilates Clinics in the Okanagan Valley since 2012. We now have 2 locations in Kelowna and 1 in Vernon. We are actively looking to grow our company and build our teams as we keep learning how to help and service people better everyday!

NeuMovement is a place to Move, Heal and Grow! 

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The creation of Neumovement really began in 2005 with the opening of a Pilates Studio in Salmon Arm called Shuswap Core Pilates by Lara Yanik. After successfully running this company for a couple years, Lara then opened the first Pilates studio in Vernon BC, called the Pilates Connection.  In 2012, our journey pivoted and Neumovement Pilates and Physiotherapy was born when Physiotherapist Jen Gulley, join this incredible adventure.  Challenges came with the growth and change of merging a Physiotherapy clinic and a Pilates studio but steady growth and progress was made integrating the two modalities together to help as many clients as we could who walked through our doors.


In 2014, our Vernon and Kelowna Glenmore Physiotherapy locations expanded to their current homes, expanding to offer multiple physio treatment rooms in both locations, and a full-service Pilates studios. Now these locations are busy and bustling as they continue to offer the best service possible! In 2019 we expanded and opened another Neumovement location in Kelowna, this is our Pandosy Physiotherapy Clinic. Who knows where things will grow from here! 


Thanks for all the support from our clients and communities. You are the reason we are here and keep pushing ourselves to grow and develop as people and a company! 

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