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meet our


We are a unique group of fun, friendly, competent health practitioners! We are a team that absolutely loves fitness, health, and wellness. 


That love leads us to be dedicated to sharing our knowledge and passion with clients and friends to give them the greatest gift in life, Health. Meet our fantastic group of Pilates Instructors, Physiotherapists, and Kinesiologists!

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Owner / Registered Physiotherapist


Jen loves to laugh and hopes that she can help inspire people back into their natural healthy state.




Studio Owner / Pilates Instructor

Lara has completed her BCRPA, 1st year apprenticeship, Stott Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrel and ISP certifications.




Studio Owner

Eric has a passion for NeuMovement that begins with a teenage dream of becoming a Physiotherapist.


Courtney De Vries

Registered Physiotherapist

Courtney is an Okanagan local. She completed her Bachelor of Kinesiology at UBC in 2013 and her Master’s in Physical Therapy at UBC in 2016.

She has taken advanced functional dry needling and acupuncture training. Her other certifications include vestibular rehab (vertigo / dizziness), manual therapy and fascia release/manipulation.  


Courtney is a very hands on therapist and enjoys using a variety of IMS/dry needing, manual therapy techniques, soft tissue work and fascial release techniques.  She has also completed The Integrated Systems Model which is an approach that provides an understanding of how all past injuries, posture and movement patterns are linked and contribute to an injury or condition.  She is committed to providing the best care and support to clients, allowing them to return quickly to the lifestyle and activities that they enjoy most. When she is not at the clinic you can find her trail running, snowboarding and hiking in Kal Park with her dog Bear. 

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Lynn Orsak

Registered Physiotherapist
MPT, B.Sc.(Kin), AAC-1, ISM Graduate

Lynn has an active approach to physical therapy that allows the client to be in charge of their own well-being. Using the Integrated Systems Model to discover the root of the problem and treating her clients with a combination of manual therapy, visceral and fascial techniques, acupuncture, exercise, and education, she believes in the capacity for the body to heal in every situation.


She integrates breathing, yoga, Pilates, and mindfulness practices into physical therapy to provide a holistic approach to foster clients’ overall health and wellness. 


Lynn loves treating clients of any age and stage, but really thrives treating runners, moms (both new and not so new), and anyone who's trying to enjoy their favourite activities even more!

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Nicole Strachan

Registered Physiotherapist

Nicole is Okanagan born and raised, living in Kelowna for most of her life. She graduated from the University of Alberta with a Master of Science in Physical Therapy. She also holds a Bachelor of Human Kinetics/Kinesiology in Clinical Exercise Physiology and a minor in Psychology from the University of British Columbia. In addition to this, she has her certification in concussion management and therapy from Complete Concussion Management Inc. and has learned fascia release work.

Her approach to physiotherapy treatment is to empower clients to take control of their rehabilitation journey. Her approach incorporates the benefits of hands-on manual therapies and home exercise programs to help create lasting changes. She combines soft tissue work, fascial release and joint mobilizations to increase function and decrease pain in her clients. Nicole applies a client-centered approach in treatment and care planning as she believes is vital to the recovery process. She will work with you to determine what your physiotherapy needs are and keep you engaged in the process of care.  

She believes strongly in the importance of activity in mental and physical wellbeing. As such, she has always tried to lead an active lifestyle and has a background in a variety of activities, including classical dance where she trained for 14 years. As well, she plays volleyball, and enjoys running, skiing, hiking, and biking. Exercise has been her solace throughout the years and believes it is important in whole body and psychological wellness.


Jamie Munro

Registered Physiotherapist

Jamie is a UBC graduate. In addition to her post-graduate studies, she has also earned her Level 1 Orthopedic Manual Therapy Certification and Integrated System’s Model.

While using an exercise, evidence-based approach adjunct to manual therapy, Jamie believes that no single approach is the right one for every individual. She strives to empower her clients in navigating their own healing journey that promotes a lifestyle of longevity and happiness.

When Jamie is not studying or working, you can find her doing all the outside things: mountain biking, dirt biking, wake-surfing, downhill and cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, trail running,
soccer… If you are an individual who
aims to challenge the body to reach a more balanced state or accomplish a new physical feat, don’t hesitate to start that journey with Jamie in your corner.

Registered Physiotherapist

Jen Gulley

Jen Gulley is living her best life by being a part of the NEUMovement team and her clients lives. She has been offering physiotherapy to clients since 2005 after graduating from the UofA.  She went on to complete her Fellowship of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy. Following that she completed her training in the Integrated Systems Model. More recently she has learned visceral, craniosacral and fascial release techniques. 


Jen strongly believes in treating clients as whole beings where the physical, mental and emotional parts of us all impact our health and healing.  She loves working with clients using a variety of tools to help them reach their goals and live their best life. 


When she isn’t at the studios you can find her with her two girls and dog playing in the beautiful Okanagan!



Tracy Jacques

Registered MassageTherapist

Tracy comes from a diverse background including her own 20+ year journey with overcoming pain and rehabilitation. With this deep understanding she approaches each person with the whole body in mind as well as all the parts - mainly the nervous system. She combines traditional massage techniques including fascial, lymph and Craniosacral therapy to create better circulation, movement and decrease tension and holding patterns. Her training includes all 4 modules of Neu Pilates, many professional development days over her almost 5 years at Neu; visceral approach, and a 2 year study in Craniosacral therapy as well as a many other courses in osteopathy, breath & movement. The style of craniosacral she practices is based on osteopathy and is Biodynamic vs. mechanical.

Tracy is an eternal student and enjoys sharing knowledge in hopes to empower her clients and to help them understand their own inner workings of the human anatomy, physiology and nervous system.

Through conversation, breath, movement and working with the nervous system as a whole she believes she can help any “body” create more ease.

Please contact the studio to book as Tracy is taking new clients on a case by case basis. Thank you.

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Alyssa Busch

Registered Massage

Alyssa is a graduate from OVCMT. She grew up in a small town on Vancouver Island and relocated to the Okanagan in 2018.

She utilizes myofascial, trigger point, deep tissue, Swedish massage and joint mobilization techniques. I look forward to showing the public what I have to offer in this profession, and I look forward to meeting you!

When she's not massaging, she likes to spend her time paddle-boarding, horseback riding and skiing. Growing up Alyssa was a competitive figure skater has experienced the benefits of massage therapy while recovering from injuries with a strenuous schedule.


Alyssa has a great appreciation for pain management, recovery and rehabilitation that massage provides. This appreciation has folded into my practice, along with my passion for restoring functional movement patterns, increasing mobility, flexibility and body awareness.



Kristi Mason

Certified Pilates Instructor, Physiotherapy Assistant and Personal Trainer 
Pelvic Floor Certified - Pre/Post Natal 
Pilates Process Certified - Theraputic and Rehabilitation Movement; Neck, Shoulders, Spine and Stabilizers
Franklin Method Certified- Fascial release; PSOAS, Shoulders, Spine, Glutes

Kristi’s passion for helping others stems from her nursing background. She is client orientated, and well educated in helping you with your Rehabilitation needs and Fitness goals. She creates challenging but attainable workout routines suited to each individual to increase muscle strength and to keep you progressing with your fitness journey!  


Michelle Southgate

Certified Pilates Instructor and Physiotherapy Assistant
Rehab Pilates and Neu Pilates Fascia Release, Reformer, Chair, Tower and Springwall

Michelle has 10 years of Pilates experience to offer and starting as a physiotherapy patient at NeuMovement herself wants to see people improve through Pilates and proper movement. She enjoys teaching a mixture of rehab and challenging workouts. 

Shayle Routley

Certified Pilates Instructor, Physiotherapy Assistant and Personal Trainer 

Shayle graduated from the Therapist Assistant Diploma program at Okanagan College in Kelowna BC. She has developed extensive knowledge, principles, and practice learned at an Assistant level in the disciplines of Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, and Recreation Therapy. Throughout her studies, she has acquired skills in anatomy, disease and disability, patient care, neurology, mental health, and kinesiology to help improve the quality of life of people living with various conditions. 

Shayle has always had a passion for helping people. She aims to create a fun and safe environment for individuals to meet their personal goals and improve their physical health while strengthening their mind and body connection. 


Shayle incorporates Pilates into a rehabilitation process that will help emphasize the importance of exercise and movement for her client's overall health and well-being. In her spare time, she enjoys playing recreational volleyball, hiking, traveling and playing the guitar. 


Darby Sutton

Kinesiologist, Certified Pilates Instructor and Physiotherapy Assistant

Darby graduated from The University of Victoria with a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology in 2020, bringing extensive experience as a Kinesiologist working with others to achieve their goals. Here at NeuMovement Darby focuses on helping individuals utilize optimal movement patterns to recover from physical injuries and build strength. She has a strong background in movement instruction since 2016 as a BCRPA personal trainer, Head Weightlifting Coach for the UVic varsity teams, and Intern Strength Coach for Rugby Canada. Additionally, she is trained in superficial fascial release, PNF stretching, and specialized athlete development.

Kelly Beale1 2.jpg

Kelly Beale

Certified Pilates Instructor, Physiotherapy Assistant 
NEU Mat, Reformer, Chair pilates method. Also NEU fascia method. 

With Kelly you will get a pilates rehab experience specific to your body. Targeting the core muscle groups while moving the body, releasing tension and creating alignment. 

In class you will get a rigorous routine that will have you feeling strong and light on your feet. Kelly uses all her methods of training to reach your goals and get results. 

JPEG image-41233C7A91CF-1.jpeg

Tanya Blackwell

Certified Pilates Instructor and Physiotherapy Assistant
Certified in  Neu Mat, Reformer, and Yoga Teacher Training

Tanya utilizes her pilates and yoga training to create a session to ease and strengthen key areas of the body. This enables each individual to discover the pathways to overcome obstacles unique and inherent to each individual's body.  


Tanya loves to keep things interesting with her sessions finding new transitions and exercises to keep the body and mind interested and wanting more! 

Stefany Mathias

Certified Pilates Instructor and Physiotherapy Assistant
Mat, Reformer, Chair & Cadillac/Tower certified

Working with Stefany you will learn how to find your alignment and how to “stack” your bones so that your muscles can operate at their best and most efficient by activating the deep stabilizing muscles and building strength from there. Stefany loves to challenge your body and mind with workouts that will strengthen and release tension held in your body from stress or injury. Stefany creates workouts that are specific to your body’s needs in order to increase muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility. 





Care Manager

Kelly embraces the NeuMovement energy and strives to build ongoing relationships with each of our clients.


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