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Cancellation Policy

For any cancellation or no show appointments without 24 hours' notice, there will be a fee. For sick cancellations, we are waiving the fee for the first 3 times. However, after the 3rd time, we will be charging for any late cancellations.

Fees are as follows:

● Any Physio, RMT or 60 minute Pilates/Kin session - $35

● Integrations- $55

● Semi privates- $17.50 per person who cancels

● 30 minute Pilates/Kin sessions- $17.50

This policy is in place because our practitioners are all contract workers, when a client doesn't show up or cancels late and we are not able to fill the appointment they do not get paid for that time.

*Semi-Privates (two options)

  1. Last minute cancels, no show or less than 1 week's notice, please allow the other person to come in and pay for their half of the semi-private.

  2. If the client cancels their half of the semi-private with more than one week's notice: try to find someone to fill that spot. Ask the remaining client if they have anyone to join them on that day, ask the instructor if there’s anyone to fill, or each studio should have a running list of clients looking for partners in google docs, so use this too. If not, we can offer them a private 1 hour or half-hour session or cancel the appointment.

We ask our clients for a minimum of 24 hours' notice so that we have time to call the waitlists

and fill the cancellation spot. This is in the forms they sign when they start at the studio; you can't even go past it in the online form without signing off on it.

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