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Happy NEU Year!!! There are some exciting changes happening for NEU Movement in 2019...

We have 3 new awesome Pilates instructors, Mandi, Cheryl & Jessie!  Learn a bit about our most recent additions to the NEU family....


My journey at NEU Movement began in the summer of 2017. A previous motorcycle accident left me suffering with chronic pain due to weakness and instability in my joints. Fast forward to present day,  I am feeling stronger in both mind, body, and spirit more than ever. I am grateful for the journey that NEU Pilates has taken me on. As a former Registered Cardiology Technologist, I was looking to change my career path to something I was passionate about and would continue me on my journey of self improvement. I completed the NEU Pilates Teacher Training (both Mat & Anatomy and Reformer courses) this past November, and have learnt so much about how crucial the mind-body connection is with healing. I look forward to working with you and being a part of your own personal journey to healing!  

Mandi is teaching new Level 1 Group Reformer Classes: Mondays @ 5:30pm Wednesdays @ 4:15pm


I joined the NEU Movement Kelowna studio as a client in 2017.  After staying home to raise my son, I was looking for a post partum exercise program that utilized safe movement, while achieving overall body conditioning.  I found NEU Pilates to be the perfect formula for doing just that, while also allowing for increased awareness and compassion for my own personal physical and mental health journey. After completing almost 200 hours of personal practice and experiencing such a remarkable journey, I knew I wanted to share the gifts that Pilates has to offer with those around me.  I completed the NEU Pilates Teacher Training, became a Certified NEU Pilates Instructor, and currently work with NEU Movement clients, both privately and in conjunction with their NEU Movement physiotherapist's rehabilitation plan. Breathe.  Alignment.  Body Control.  Centering. Pilates is for everyMind and everyBody.  Excited to hold space for you while you explore your journey!


Finding Pilates has been a life changing experience for me! I have always been interested in fitness, and after my first Pilates experience I knew that I had found a passion that would benefit my mind, body and soul. I made a decision to start my teacher training for NEU Mat Pilates, NEU Reformer and NEU Springboard, and I have never looked back. I am so excited to be investing my time in helping others with their journey to feeling healthier, stronger and more powerful in their body. After spending over 10 years working jobs that have caused me to have pain throughout my body, I am beyond thrilled to be part of the NEUmovement team where I can not only facilitate nourishment for myself, but also my wonderful clients with proper movement, alignment and mind body connection!

With these great additions to our staff, we now have more availability for clients booking their PSP's in 2019! 

Please visit the studio or call us at (250) 712-0678 to book in withone of our new instructors, or to join one of our new Registered Group classes with Mandi! 

We are so grateful to be seeing you another year, and thankful for the positive energy to bring into our lives every day! 

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