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The Benefits of Pilates

The benefits of Pilates are endless, it is suitable for everyone no matter their fitness level. Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 20th century for the purpose of rehabilitation. Today it is commonly used as part of a workout program, for injury prevention, or for rehabilitation.

Pilates is well-known for strengthening the 'core' muscles but is truly a whole-body workout. Pilates works the small stabilizer muscles and while this can look easy from the outside, it will get you shaking! A strong, stable, mobile core allows the body to move with greater efficiency. Having this all function properly can better support you in your everyday life.

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Pilates has been used for rehabilitation since the very beginning and still to this day it is an integral part of Pilates. You can learn how to stabilize your joints during movement, which can benefit people looking to rehabilitate and prevent injuries.

The mind-body connection is important when practicing Pilates, and is often the most challenging part for beginners. Pilates encourages you to bring your attention inward to different sensations in the body so that you can feel what's happening when you breathe, move, and in stillness. Many people become more body-aware through practicing Pilates. Our instructors are well-versed in helping you to feel and describe these connections.

The focus on the breath during Pilates can decrease stress and support you during movement. Breath is a vital tool to use and can help with proper muscle engagement. Breathing deeply promotes a parasympathetic response which calms the nervous system and brings you into a healthier state.

There are many other benefits of Pilates that you can experience at a Pilates studio or with a qualified instructor. Come into one of our studios and find out for yourself!

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