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The Importance of Releasing Fascia in Our Body!

Guess what is the one thing in our body that touches every single cell and connects everything together? FASCIA!

Fascia is like a shiny webbing that creates a bodysuit underneath our skin. It touches every bone, muscle, organ, nerve, blood vessel and cell in our body. It truly is what holds us together and allows us to move the way we do.

Fascia has been largely ignored in the world of anatomy and body mechanics until recently. And as more research emerges, I believe we may come to find that fascia is one of the most important parts of our physical body.

A healthy fascia bodysuit has MANY functions. Here are some of the reasons fascia is so important to us:

- It PROTECTS what it touches - muscles, bones, organs, nerves, vessels

- It LUBRICATES allowing our tissues to slide over one another

- It TRANSFERS FORCE between muscles which assists in moving our body

- Our IMMUNE system functions within our fascia

- It provides STABILITY to help hold us together and prevents injury

- It assists us to BREATH

- It is our largest SENSORY organ and provides our brain with the most information

- It has the ability to hold and release EMOTIONS

- Some have called it our CONNECTION to each other and the Universe

The structure of fascia can be disrupted or injured many different ways: through injury, through posture, through repetitive motion, through changes in our nervous system brought on by stress or pathology. Non-optimal breathing or emotional disruptions will change our fascia. Food, hormones, and our environment will change our fascia as well.

To help bring our body back into balance we can no longer ignore our FASCIA. It may be the single most important thing we pay attention to right now.

We have spent the last year taking a deep dive into what fascia is and how to create the biggest impact on bringing our fascia back to a state of health. We have learned from the world's leaders and come up with a method that is based on fascia but infused with 20 years of Physiotherapy and Pilates knowledge. We are creating a method that includes the use of tools to bring the fascia back to a state of health and then movements that will infuse the fascia with energy and resilience (just like when we were kids).

We are excited to share with you what we've learned! Stay tuned!

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