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What is the Physiotherapy Integration?

In 2012 the physiotherapy integration was created at NeuMovement when Physiotherapist Jen Gulley and Pilates Instructor Lara Yanik started working together to help their clients achieve results faster and hold those results for longer. This concept was really the foundation of what made Neumovement a successful offering in the Okanagan Physiotherapy ecosystem.

So how does it work?

The original idea behind the integration was to have a physiotherapist and a pilates instructor working with a client together for a 1 hour session. This session would include diagnostics and treatment from the physio, and active therapy prescribe exercise work from the Pilates instructor. This was great for the client, but after a number of sessions it was determined that it was not the best use of time for both of the practitioners.

So after 30-40 of these 1 hour sessions with the Physio and Pilates instructor together, the appoint was changed. It was determined that a 30 minute 1 on 1 session with a physiotherapist, followed up directly with a pass off and discovery share to the pilates instructor before doing another 30 minutes of active therapy in the pilates repertoire was just as effective or more effective from the client oriented approach.

What does this mean exactly?

Well if you have a long term shoulder injury through your history of sports, you would see the physio to diagnose and treat your shoulder issue. Depending on what was going on this could be identifying that you have a dysfunctional movement pattern in your shoulder and treating the tightness in your pec minor, and manipulating your shoulder capsule that is in turn sitting forward.

After having this treatment you would then do active therapy work to tighten the muscles in the back of your shoulder and activate your scapula movement to counter balance the shoulder issue you were working through.

This process is empowering, it allows for you to do the work require to progress and build the optimal movement patterns. That is our goal at Neumovement and that is what the physiotherapy integration is all about. We hope you have found results through this treatment approach also!

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