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​Tracy Jacques

Certified Pilates Instructor


It’s hard to write about oneself in a short, sweet paragraph or two but I’ll do my best. My journey with trauma and pain has been an interesting one. The good news is I’m generally not in pain anymore, and have a better understanding of it, with a hope to share what has worked for me with others. The challenging part was dealing with pain chronically on a day to day basis. 

As a practitioner, I come from an empathetic approach and will always listen and look at where a person is at the day they are standing in front of me. The past although gone, is part of your case history and is hugely relevant. It gives us a place to work from in the moment in time we chose to meet and work together. 

Personally, I have found immense change and inner strength in my own body since endeavouring on the Pilates journey with NEUmovement. It feels amazing to have functional strength in all activities of life. 

My loves are the connection of the brain and the nervous system as well as looking at the body in its entirety.

I hope to share some laughs and find ways to strengthen others from the inside out, with the ultimate goal in mind - to live a great life at any age.

“That’s the thing about pain, it teaches us” ~The Fault in Our Stars
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