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Flat feet are not genetic. You aren’t stuck with them!

The truth is that in most cases, more than half of the people who are diagnosed with flat feet can actually build a solid arch! Flat feet come are a result of how you are using them as well as a result of weak and stiff hips - our hips help control our arch. Physiotherapists are able to perform a simple test on your foot to determine if you in fact do have flat feet and if so they can give you exercises to treat it.

Orthotics may help the foot but they can also act as a crutch and hinder any progress. When we have external support all the time(shoes & orthotics) we don’t have to use our own muscles and joints, they then lose their ability to function properly, get stiff and then it can’t function as a spring.

If the joints aren’t moving then the muscle doesn’t have to work as much and will start to shrink creating atrophy and the brain starts to ignore it (use it or lose it).

Going barefoot is one of the best ways to retrain our feet! We should be able to walk on different surfaces and textures but since we almost always protect our feet then we aren’t used to it and are less able to tolerate it. Walking on different surfaces will help mobilize and strengthen our feet moving forward.

Good foot health is a happy foot. Flat feet can be treated through physiotherapy. Our physiotherapists will help you take control of your foot health and make you feel great again.

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