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Get To Know Our New Physiotherapist - Cynthia Lau!

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

We are so excited to welcome new Physiotherapist Cynthia Lau to our Pandosy Location team. She is moving here from Vancouver and will start accepting clients the day we open the doors of our new clinic on September 3rd! For more info on her qualifications, her academic bio will be up on our Physiotherapy page. Contact us to book your initial appointment with Cynthia and welcome her to the team or Follow this link to book your appointment online:

1. Tell us about yourself, where are you from, what do you like to do, what interests you?

Hi everyone! My name is Cynthia and I was born and raised in Vancouver. My parents, two younger brothers, and 9-year-old golden retriever "puppy" still live there. I am relocating to Kelowna with my boyfriend in August and we are very excited about our new home! I attended UBC for both my Bachelor of Kinesiology and Master of Physiotherapy. I love empowering people, working with my hands, and studying all things related to human movement, and being a physiotherapist allows me to do all of that! 2. Describe your past physiotherapy experience, how long have you been treating and what makes your physiotherapy treatment style and approach unique?

Since graduating from UBC in 2015, I have worked in a variety of private practice environments. As a new graduate, I chose to locum at a number of clinics which allowed me to meet clients from all different backgrounds, compare and contrast the diversity among physiotherapy clinics, and ultimately develop my own treatment style. I would describe my approach to physiotherapy as one that blends hands-on manual therapy, targeted exercise prescription, and tools like acupuncture dry needling to ultimately help my clients move and feel better. 

3. What excites you the most about moving to the Okanagan? 

What's not to love about the Okanagan?! I am particularly excited about all the fun things to do outdoors year-round. In the winter, I love spending time in the mountains snowboarding and snowshoeing. In the summer, I enjoy hiking, camping, road and mountain biking, and running. And then of course there are all the wineries...!

4. Why did you choose to work at NeuMovement Pilates and Physiotherapy?

NeuMovement's concept of offering both pilates and physiotherapy in an integrated space is innovative and unique. I believe this is an amazing atmosphere where people are supported throughout the continuum of care. Clients can initiate their rehab journey with a physiotherapist, and progress toward functional independence with the help of a movement educator like a pilates instructor. I am looking forward to being surrounded by a great team of individuals who are just as passionate about getting people moving and feeling their best! 5. What is your experience with pilates? 

I was first introduced to pilates around the age of 15. My friend and I decided to register for a mat class at our local studio in Vancouver. In high school, I played field hockey and basketball, and competed in track & field. Looking back now on the physical demands of being a triple jumper, I can likely attribute the fact that I managed to prevent any major injuries to my involvement in pilates. Fast forward several years later as a new physio graduate, I had the opportunity to take a rehab-oriented Reformer course in Portland, Oregon. I have been integrating pilates-based exercises into my treatment plans for many of my clients as a "Clinical Pilates Instructor" for nearly the past 3 years. 6. Fun fact about yourself that you want to share? I once built my own igloo and slept in it for a night! Technically speaking, it took a group of 4 of us to build a trench-style shelter. At E.C. Manning Park, we dug a small rectangular trench in the snow, carved out places to lay our sleeping bags, and covered the top with ice blocks. I know people say that snow is supposed to provide insulation, but boy did it feel like a long and cold night! I'd like to think that if I somehow ever found myself in a similar situation, my survival skills would come to the rescue. Plus, it was a great bonding experience!

7. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Without a doubt, Japanese food! I love all kinds of sushi, and I truly think I could have it every day and not get tired of it! Coming from Vancouver and being fortunate to have so many options there to satisfy any foodie, I will be actively searching for some new sushi spots around Kelowna. Any recommendations for great Japanese restaurants are most definitely welcome! 8. Favorite sports or activities?

I enjoy most outdoor activities, and am usually open to trying anything at least once. My favourite team sport to play is field hockey, and the sport I would most like to improve in is soccer. I've also completed a few half marathons, so my next goal is to train for a sprint distance triathlon! I love traveling and exploring new places. Last year, my boyfriend and I did a whirlwind train trip around Europe; we visited 7 countries in 3 weeks! When I'm not in the clinic, I am often dreaming up my next adventure abroad. We are hoping to visit Australia and New Zealand soon! 9. Any quirky behaviour or endearing qualities you have that you would like to share?

A quality of mine that is most definitely not endearing is crippling seasickness and lakesickness (yes, it's a thing). I even turn green when there are boats in the water making waves! Unfortunately, this has been the case for as long as I can remember, but I am actively working on overcoming it so that I can take advantage of all the amazing lakes in the Okanagan! 10. If you had $20,000 to donate to any charity or cause what would it be?

I would donate to the BC SPCA. I always had a general idea of the fantastic programs and services this not-for-profit organization offers to help animals across the province, but during one of my student placements for physio school I had the opportunity to do a job site visit at an SPCA shelter in Victoria, BC. After that experience I gained a true appreciation for the human power involved in helping and advocating for animals in need. 11. General message to the NeuMovement community

Whether you are a desk jockey or weekend warrior, are battling a new or persisting condition, or are looking to improve mobility or prevent injury, I would love to chat with you about how we can work together to achieve your goals. I am excited to meet you all very soon, and help guide you to discover the "neu" you!

Book your Initial appointment with Cynthia now!

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