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How to Sit at Your Desk

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Many people spend hours sitting at a desk without paying much attention to their body position. There are some adjustments you can implement to support your body during a workday and learn how to sit properly at your desk. Becoming aware of how you are sitting at your desk is the first step to keeping your body as healthy as it can be sitting!

how to sit at your desk

The best thing you can do is get up from your desk and stand, go for a quick walk, or find movement in some way. Doing small stretches at your desk, while focusing on breathing may be beneficial as well.

It’s also important to have a proper chair that allows you to sit in a neutral position. Have a chair that supports the natural curve of the lumbar spine and one that has adjustments to fit your body. If you have the ability to stand, see if you can alternate between standing and sitting throughout your work day. Keep your feet flat on the floor or use a footstool if your legs aren't long enough to put your feet on the floor.

Keep your computer at eye level. Doing so will support your neck so you aren't looking down or too far up. Notice your neck position, be sure you aren't looking too far forward creating a forward head position. Stack your ears over your shoulders and shoulders over your hips.

Making small adjustments to your sitting position, taking breaks if you can, and setting up your workspace in a comfortable way may help you while you work. If you feel like you need extra support book in at one of our clinics to get in-person support on how to sit at your desk!

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