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Happy NEU Year!!! There are some exciting things happening for VERNON NEU Movement in 2019...

We have a new Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor joining our team!  Learn a bit about our most recent additions to the NEU family....


A little about Cole, our newest Physiotherapist...Hi I'm Cole! I graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 2016. My relationship with physiotherapy started at a young age as I frequently attended sessions to keep myself together. This developed into a passion of understanding the body and its ability to function. Recently I became certified in dry needling which has further expanded my treatment methods and sparked an interest in the relationship between the neurological and muscular systems. Physiotherapy is a constantly evolving profession and I look forward to continuing learn and grow within it.

What qualities do you feel are most important to you as a Physiotherapist?  I feel that keeping an open mind and communication are very important qualities. Physiotherapy is a unique and constantly changing profession. It is imperative that you allow your thoughts and beliefs to be challenged as they often can provide you with new insight and allow you to grow and improve as a therapist. Communication is vital so that both therapist and client can reach a closer level of understanding. This takes time to develop trust and comfort with each other but allows for both parties efforts to reach their maximum potential.

What initially drew you to want to work for NEU Movement? First and foremost was Lynn's (a current NEU Physiotherapist) rave reviews! Lynn and I graduated from physiotherapy school together, so when my fiancé and I chose to move out West, I was drawn to the clinic from her experiences. Moving out to BC has represented a change in lifestyle both personally and professionally for me. After speaking with the staff at NEU Movement, I felt that the clinic environment would not only help me, but challenge me to improve and grow to be the type of therapist I want to be.

What are you most excited about exploring in the Okanagan/Vernon? I feel like narrowing this down to one response would be an injustice to just how excited I am to explore all sorts of ventures. To name a few, I cannot wait to get out cross country skiing, finding the hiking and backcountry camping trails in the region, finding my favourite places to get a cup of coffee or a bite to eat. The list goes on and on!


Hi everyone!!! My name is Ashley. I am Californian born and raised. I went to Colorado State College on an athletic scholarship where I graduated with a degree in Business Management and Marketing in 2012.  I started working immediately after graduation and knew the career path I had chosen was not fulfilling in the way I desired. I moved to Canada in 2015 where I pursued my most recent career as a Firefighter/Paramedic, and though it seemed perfect in that I could stay active and healthy, all while helping people, I was craving more personal growth and gratitude. Though EMS response was a stressful, yet rewarding experience, I realized I was on the wrong side of helping people that I wanted to be on.

Through many trial and errors working in the fitness community, I felt physically and mentally draining, and was looking for a a change that would not only benefit my physical health, but mental and spiritual as well. I was introduced to NEU Movement by a great friend of mine at a time that could not have been more pertinent in my life. I started the NEU Pilates Teacher Training for Mat & Anatomy, followed by Reformer and have since jumped into the most life changing role as a Physiotherapy Assistant Pilates Instructor! My energy, attitude, and health have all sky rocketed, and I have never enjoyed fitness and wellness more than I do now. I look forward to meeting you and sharing in your own personal journey!

Ashley is teaching a Group Equipment Class on Thursdays @ 4:15pm  and will be in the studio Monday-Friday for both Private Pilates bookings as well as PSP's!

New staff means we have much more availability for clients wanting to see a Physiotherapist, and anyone looking to get into PSP's more frequently!  Please visit the studio or call us at (250) 545-2848 to book in. See you soon!

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