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The Best Sneakers for Different Types of Foot Pain

Foot pain is a common condition. So common in fact, that the Ontario Society of Chiropodists reports that over 75% of Canadians will experience some type of foot condition at some point in their lives. An estimated 19% of the country’s citizens have about 1.4 foot problems a year.

One of our past articles by Alana Arkell notes that there are many causes to this condition like walking mechanics, the fit of your shoes, and even injuries. Because footwear can be a reason your foot is hurting, it is important to wear ones that can better cater to your needs. Here are some forms of shoes you can wear for different sources of pain:

For bunions

Bunions are the bony bump by the big toe of your foot. When a few of your phalanges move, it can dislocate the big toe, causing a throbbing sensation. It is important to wear something that can properly support your foot and have enough room to not put pressure on your toes. The Brooks Cascadia 15 is the perfect shoe for this.

Because it is a trail running sneaker, it has more padding at the bottom which can protect your feet from ground impact. It also has a roomy (but not too roomy) toe box that can help those with bunions not aggravate their condition. It is extremely stabilizing and breathable, giving users comfort with every step. A pair of shoes like this may not be able to magically fix your problem, but it can make bunions easier to deal with.

For plantar fasciitis

This condition is one of the most common sources of heel pain. It occurs when the tissue that connects your bones to your heel is inflamed. People with this condition typically feel stabbing pains that decrease the more they walk. If you experience this kind of pain, it is best to use shoes that offer ample amounts of cushioning and support.

Hoka One One’s stylish Glitch collection is ideal for this particular foot issue. The brand’s ProFly midsole technology offers a carbon fiber plate, making for cushioning that can help make taking each step less painful. It was designed to be a running shoe, meaning the soles will absorb the impact of the ground instead of it transferring to your foot, alleviating your condition. It also comes in three different colors– blue, coral, and cream– so they can be quite fashionable, too. Those with plantar fasciitis can utilize this as an everyday shoe to help reduce their pain.

For Morton’s neuroma

Morton’s neuroma is characterized by a sharp or burning pain by the ball of the foot. This is caused by tissue leading up to your toes becoming thicker. Some people may also experience stinging or numbness within the affected areas. This can be seen amongst people who often wear tight shoes or heels.

A good sneaker to help manage the pain is the ASICS’ Gel Cumulus 22. The sole of the shoe is not only cushioned, but it is also low enough that it won’t cause any more strain. Aside from this, the fabric used for its body is stretchy, giving you enough room without it being too loose. The posterior GEL cushioning also makes this a shoe you can wear for long periods of time without exhausting the muscles in your feet. Those with Morton’s neuroma should prioritize wearing something that is soft and caters to their condition. The Gel Cumulus 22 is perfect for both long uses and short trips out.

There are many causes of foot pain, but one of the best ways to treat them is by wearing comfortable shoes. These are just a few that can help mild symptoms of these conditions.

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